CrossConsense UserDay & GoLive Party CROSSMOS

Successful CrossConsense UserDay and GoLive Party CROSSMOS®

Last week we at CrossConsense had our 4th UserDay with about 70 guests. During these 2 days, speakers from different companies as Aerospace Software Developments, Armac Systems, easybrowse, ILS, Inmarsat, Swiss AviationSoftware, SWISS, Teledyne as well as speakers from the CrossConsense team presented subjects around aviation. While listening to a lot of entertaining and interesting presentations, the visitors could not only learn something about the “big” subjects in aviation – Big Data, paperless maintenance, predictive maintenance, connectivity – but also had the opportunity to widen their knowledge in regards to the daily business of airlines like e.g. inventory optimization, buying and selling spare parts etc.

One of the highlights was the presentation of CROSSMOS® electronic logbook in which one could learn how easy it is to enter items like bird strikes into an eTL.

The GoLive Party of CROSSMOS® as well as the UserDay took place in an impressive setting at TheAircraft, a venue with a CheckIn, a cabin with aircraft seats and an original aircraft turbine that serves as speaker’s desk.

At the end of these successful days, the audience was taken along into a future with Black Holes serving as a possible solution to satisfy upcoming computational demand.

If you missed our UserDay and GoLive Party but are interested in the presentations, please follow this link:

CrossConsense merges AMOS at Condor and Condor Berlin

AMOS Merge of Condor – Condor Berlin

The migration of two actively used dynamic databases is a big challenge that needs a very careful and well planned preparation. CrossConsense successfully managed to merge the different AMOS versions of Condor and Condor Berlin.

The obstacles that the migration had to overcome were as follows:


  • Handle data clashes on several AMOS areas, such as part definition, rotables, workorders…

  • The customer wish of having all data exactly as in the source environment, beyond the normal AMOS data transfer standards.

  • Applying advanced data filtering to merge only relevant data linked to the current fleet and operations.


Due to the careful preparation and good cooperation between the project-managers on all sides (Condor, Condor Berlin  and CrossConsense) the final AMOS merge did not take longer than 72 hours and more than 16 Mio records were migrated in total.

I want to say a really big thank you to … Mirko Lang of CrossConsense who accomplished the nearly impossible during this merge, in my point of view.”, says Andreas Rüskamp, AMOS Administrator at Condor Berlin GmbH.

ACSIS Webinar Recording

Webinar on ACSIS – Tool for Predictive Maintenance

The Webinar on ACSIS is great opportunity to see a full overview and demo of an industry leading Aviation Predictive Maintenance Solution. Our CrossConsense experts will walk you through a live demo of ACSIS to show how it can assist any airline, aircraft operator, MRO facility and OEM to avoid AOGs, delays and turnbacks, improve aircraft utilization, and enhance safety. You will see how ACSIS integrates with any MRO / M&E Software solution to deliver better insights into aircraft health and potential future problems which can then be dealt with during scheduled maintenance.

Follow this link to register for the webinar on the aircraft IT-platform.
The Webinar will begin with a full overview of ACSIS functionality, including a look at the innovative technology and algorithms behind the software, before showing a live demo of the solution.  You will see how ACSIS continuously monitors all systems and components, and compares data from pilots and maintenance reports to clearly show what problems exist, on which aircraft and where; also how the software alerts respective engineers to these faults before they become major problems.

The live software demos will show the following tools and functionality:

  • Avoid AOGs: See how filtered data intelligently monitors and helps to identify problems with aircraft systems before they can cause expensive delays and AOGs. Engineers receive immediate alert messages identifying potential problems and can recognize if it is a single aircraft or a fleet problem. Visual live fleet health status is available in one single diagram.
  • Real Time Monitoring: Numerous, easy to use, technical fleet and aircraft history diagrams provide a perfect troubleshooting overview. You will see how ACSIS monitors all system defects, and analyses data from pilot and maintenance reports to clearly show actual and potential problems.
  • Delay Probability Tool: You will see how ACSIS calculates the probability for a specific delay on a specific aircraft so that maintenance teams can be prepared with tools, material and personnel before a delay.
  • Enhance Safety: You will see how ACSIS uses sophisticated algorithms which are far more accurate than standard alert levels per ATA. Comprehensive reports for engineering and CAA are available at a click of a button.

Please register now for the recording of the ACSIS Webinar.

Aircraft IT Operations Case Study: CROSSMOS at SWISS

Learn from other airlines – Case Study

See how SWISS International Air Lines is implementing CROSSMOS on its fleet

In the newest issue of the aircraft IT Operations journal an article was published with the title “Bringing an ELB/ETL into service: A case study from SWISS International Air Lines”.
The case study focusses on why and how Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS) selected and implemented the CROSSMOS® Electronic Tech Log / Electronic Log Book from CrossConsense, and what their objectives were in doing so. The case study also takes a look at the challenges encountered during the project and what benefits have flowed from having a paperless flight deck.
If you are interested in the complete article, please follow this link.

Renewal of partnership agreement between CrossConsense and SWISS AS

Renewal of partnership agreement

CrossConsense has been one of the first companies Swiss-AS has partnered with. Both companies have collaborated on numerous AMOS implementation projects and have a good number of mutual customers. With more than 10 years of successful collaboration Swiss AviationSoftware thought it was time to review the common objectives and adapt the partnership agreement to the current situation and needs.

CrossConsense has proven many times to be a reliable partner that keeps his promises. Their data migration experience has ensured a successful Go-Live many times.” says Fabiano Faccoli, VP Customer Services Swiss AviationSoftware.

“Our long term partnership with Swiss AviationSoftware which is based on confidence and mutual respect has been fundamental to the development of CrossConsense being a reliable partner for the aviation industry.” says Udo Stapf, CEO CrossConsense.

CrossConsense has been successful in migrating AMOS data for a wide range of customers. AeroLogic, Brussels, Easyjet, Eurowings, Lufthansa, Swiss and TUIfly are only a few examples of airline companies that have been benefiting from CrossConsense’s extensive experience and know-how. Follow this link to see which airline is also supported by CrossConsense.


CROSSMOS went live on SWISS

On January 28th, 2016 CROSSMOS went live on a BOEING 777 of SWISS International Air Lines on its flight from Seattle to Zurich. The introduction of CROSSMOS (ELB) with the first flight of SWISS International Air Lines B777 is another step forward into the paperless future. The new ELB at SWISS consists of two Microsoft Surface 3 tablets – the cockpit and cabin devices, plus a small Swisscom Router which enables device interconnectivity via a WLAN and connectivity via GSM to a Maintenance Server.

“With the use of an ELB we are promised substantial improvements in quality and efficiency. Through the digitalisation of the data we secure the transfer of error free readings on the current overall real time status of the aircraft including all maintenance and crew activity.“, says Marcus di Laurenzio, project manager of the SWISS Electronic Log Book project.

With this data SWISS improves the awareness of all those involved in the technical condition of the aircraft. In particular, the cockpit and cabin crew will be completely exempt from the paper processes. An improved and faster communication between cabin and cockpit devices will simplify the overview and status of aircraft and ensure a generally better overview.

For the Maintenance team the processes are simplified, in that log entries are digitized and must no longer be input by hand. The online connection allows a fast bi-directional flow of information between Flight Crew and Maintenance.

“Swiss International Air Lines have decided to work together with CrossConsense, as it was decided that only a bottom up development of an ELB could accommodate all the requirements of SWISS. At the time of the start of the project no such solution was available for evaluation in the market.“, says Peter Wojahn, Chief Technical Officer at SWISS International Air Lines.

The combination of SWISS International Air Lines, SWISS AviationSoftware and a couple of other airline customers was ideal for us to develop a standard and easy-to-use system.“, states Udo Stapf, CEO of CrossConsense.

Please follow this link in order to see the requirements of SWISS International Air Lines related to CROSSMOS ELB.

4 members of the team of CrossConsense and Marcus di Laurenzio from SWISS on the Flight Operations Conference 2015

Successful Conference in Rome

On December 1st and 2nd, 4 delegates of CrossConsense attended the 9th ANNUAL Flight Operations Conference 2015 in Rome organised by the publishers of the Aircraft Commerce magazine.

Marcus Di Laurenzio, the project manager from our launching customer SWISS International Air Lines and Udo Stapf (CEO of CrossConsense) gave a presentation with the title: “The SWISS eTL project – SWISS goes CROSSMOS”. In front of an audience of more than 200 delegates from companies all over the world Marcus and Udo pointed out how the project of implementing the electronic technical logbook CROSSMOS was planned in close collaboration with different stakeholders including other airline companies and the authorities.

Marcus Di Laurenzio, being the project manager of the SWISS Electronic Log Book project, commended the partnership with CrossConsense. Working together for many years on questions around AMOS has led to a relationship of mutual reliability. Udo Stapf pointed out that it is important for him and his company to develop a new product like CROSSMOS not for the customers but together with their customers.

The photo shows the delegates at CrossConsense’s conference booth. From left to right: Marcus Di Laurenzio (Swiss International Air Lines), Axel Christ (CrossConsense), Conchin Brau-Stapf (CrossConsense), Udo Stapf (CrossConsense), Jutta Gruneberg-Heinrich (CrossConsense).

If you are interested in the presentation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

CrossConsense at Flight Operations Conference in Rome

CrossConsense will be exhibitor on the 9th Annual Flight Operations Conference, taking place in Rome, Italy on the 1st and 2nd December.  .

On this event CrossConsense will present CROSSMOS – the eLB solution for the whole fleet.

Our first CROSSMOS customer Swiss International Air Lines will go live and we will be able to share our first experiences with the visitors of the conference.

On Tuesday 1st December, 14:00 – 14.30, Marcus di Laurenzio (Technical Project Engineer at SWISS International Airlines) and Udo Stapf (CEO of CrossConsense) will present the case study of implementing CROSSMOS at SWISS International Air Lines.

Furthermore we will also give you the opportunity to have a closer look on ILSmart. The electronic marketplace for the aviation and defense industry not only enables subscribers to find and sell essential parts and services and make better decisions but also rest assured that ILS’ dependability and reliability translates into true value for airlines, operators, manufacturers, repair centers, and suppliers.

And of course you can also convince yourself of CrossConsense’s strength in developing AMOS solutions for the aviation industry. During the last couple of years we have gained comprehensive experience with implementing AMOS and providing AMOS support to a wide range of customers from all over the world.

We will be happy to meet you in Rome at booth E 20.

Ticketing system

Change of statuses in the Ticketing System

There will be a slight change beginning on November 30th, 2015 in our ticketing system with reference to different Pending statuses.

We will introduce a new pending status and rename two others. The status “Open” will remain unchanged.

The changes will be as follows:

New status: Waiting for feedback (which means: Waiting for customer (your!) feedback)

Change in wording:
Old status                                           New status
Pending reminder            ⇒        Pending in progress (means: we are currently working on it)
Pending reminder (SAS) ⇒       Pending Waiting for SAS (means: your case has been forwarded to Swiss-AS)


Why are we doing this?

We want to give you more transparency for your pending tickets. You will be able to see who is on duty for your pending ticket or if we are waiting for an answer form your side.

If you have any questions to the statuses, please do not hesitate to contact us.

AMOS at Austrian

AMOS at Austrian Airlines

We did it again – CrossConsense successfully merges AMOS at Austrian Airlines

After having completed 2 successful merges of AMOS during the last couple of years (at Swiss International Air Lines and Thomson Airways), CrossConsense is happy to announce that we did it again: Austrian Airlines was able to Go Live under a new AMOS surrounding.

Austrian Airlines was able to merge 18 aircraft formerly managed by Tyrolean Technik into their AMOS. The data merger included almost all engineering related data and production data from over 15 years.

Although the implementation is considered to be quite complex it took only 6 months to complete it. Due to the fact that CrossConsense has been supporting AMOS customers for more than 12 years now the support and implementation staff of CrossConsense has reached a high level of experience with AMOS. When Austrian Airlines was looking for a reliable partner who would be able to do this merge their decision in favour of CrossConsense was easily made.

Right now CrossConsense is working on other merges of AMOS and is looking for opportunities to bring in its immense experience of implementing such a comprehensive software like AMOS in a complex MRO environment.