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Swiss AviationSoftware

Swiss AviationSoftware is a leading supplier of aviation maintenance management software (MRO software) worldwide providing the best value for small, medium and large-sized companies.

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AMOS is a comprehensive, fully-integrated software package that successfully manages the maintenance, engineering and logistics requirements of modern airlines and MRO providers by fulfilling demanding airworthiness standards.
Combining 20 years of innovation and excellence in the area of IT/MRO, Swiss AviationSoftware (Swiss-AS) has become a fixture in the MRO software market and the industry-leading maintenance management system in Europe and beyond.

The scope of AMOS business functions available today is second to none, and the high degree of integration that AMOS offers its users is unsurpassed. AMOS consists of seven core modules administered in one relational database. Despite the system’s modular architecture that allows the module-wise implementation of the system, the high degree of integration of the different modules in one system is prerequisite for data quality, productivity, reliability and informed business decisions.

Additional non-core modules have been developed and are at the user’s disposition, such as a Financial Management Module, useful tools for Workflow Management as well as a large set of numerous predefined Reports.

The wide spectrum of AMOS functionalities combined with cutting-edge technology attribute to AMOS an unrivalled position as the best-selling MRO software on the market.

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The following brief survey of the different AMOS modules shall help you to evaluate the strengths and complexity of the system:

AMOS Modules

AMOS Modules

ARMAC Systems

Armac Systems is a leading MRO Inventory Planning and Optimization solutions provider for the aviation sector.

Its solution supports the continuous optimization of spare parts inventory across airline and MRO operational networks, maximising essential inventory availability at maintenance locations while minimising investment and costs.

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Armac Systems MRO IT Systems Integration Framework

With our level of experience and technical knowledge within the aviation sector, CrossConsense is the ideal strategic partner for Armac to bring their MRO Inventory Planning and Optimization solution to users of AMOS.

Armac works closely with CrossConsense on IT System integration frameworks to create interfaces and data exchanges between Armac’s Solution and AMOS, the industry-leading aviation maintenance management system. The integration frameworks support the automation of inventory optimization decisions in Armac’s solution into material’s management processes in AMOS. This integration provides maintenance business organisations with a best in breed total solution to ensure optimal efficiency and effectiveness in MRO inventory planning to support their scheduled and unscheduled maintenance events.

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Aerospace Software Developments (ASD) is a dynamic software development company which specialises in the development and implementation of applications specifically designed for the Aerospace market sector.

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Based in Dublin, Ireland, Aerospace Software Developments (ASD) is a dynamic software development company which specialises in the development and implementation of applications specifically designed for the Aerospace market sector.

 ASD personnel has been involved in the Aerospace sector since 1996, successfully developing and implementing legacy, client server and J2EE web-based applications.

 •  J2SPEC-X






ASD provides advice and support services to all our clients. As a result of our knowledge and experience in the software development and support processes, we are in a position to offer the following services:

•  Application design & development

•  Data structure design & Database support

•  Creation of interfaces between applications

•  Software Project Management

•  Test Plan creation & Testing services

Contact Aerospace Software Developments Ltd.:

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Dr. Thomas + Partner

For more than 30 years DR. THOMAS + PARTNER (TUP) provides logistics solutions for national and international companies of varying sizes and industries.

The service offer extends from assistance in conceptual questions about the planning and implementation of individual solutions, to the selection of suitable technology.

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High-quality information systems

The areas of expertise include high-quality information systems for:

• Internal logistics solutions of any size

• Distribution centers

• E-commerce multichannel solutions

• MRO processes in the aviation sector

• The international vehicle and replacement parts trade

• Modern urban logistics solutions


•  TUP Warehouse Management Solution – The modular warehouse management system that adapts to your processes

•  Material Flow Control System – The innovative transport management system

•  E-Commerce Multi Channel – E-commerce solutions with point-of-sale integration

•  Global Automotive Trade Environment – The international ERP-system for the vehicle trade

•  Mobile Device System – Efficient MRO-management for the highest demands of the aviation sector

•  Extensible Transport System – City routing for urban logistics

• – The knowledge platform for logistics and E-commerce

Please watch the video published on YouTube® concerning the Mobile Device System (MDS) – a product of many years of experience in the field of mobile data collection. Specially adapted to the high demands of the aviation industry, MDS is the mobile user interface for the modern intralogistics services in the aviation sector. MDS has been developed in cooperation between Swiss Aviation Software, Dr. Thomas & Partner and CrossConsense.

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To provide cockpit and cabin crews and maintenance engineers with the relevant information at the right moment in time is one of the many challenges in aviation. Paperless processes are almost a side effect to this, a positive one though.

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At EasyBrowse we are able to provide the know-how and the software to achieve this ambitious goal. Together with our clients we work on implementing efficient, future-proof processes resulting in useful and easy to use information, way beyond publishing PDFs on mobile devices. Our experience gained since 1994 from very different industries, like mechanical engineering, defence, commercial publishing and aviation, comes as a great asset to our aviation customers. Many questions we had to find answers for are similar to the ones on the right:

  • Which is the best way to provide all staff with the latest revisions of the manuals applicable to them?
  • How to compose manuals based on different formats and sources to a single publication?
  • How to inform all staff about the latest changes?
  • How to set up the process of publishing to make sure all manuals can be made available simultaneously in the intranet, on an EFB and even on an iPad?
  • How to achieve that only the amendments have to be distributed to the staff?
  • How can information be found quickly in critical situations?
  • How best to support airline staff in eLearning and retaining knowledge?

Our answer is EB.4aviation, an industry solution based on our software EB.Suite. Aviation companies are provided with a software package to produce publications that can be used on an Electronic Flight Bag, on an iPad and on the intranet.

With the power of EB.Suite we have answers to the above list of questions.

Our applications can be interfaced with tools like Electronic Tech Logs bridging the gap in the information flow between Flight ops and MRO organizations.

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E-Mail: Info(at)