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CrossConsense — the right choice when you are looking for the best AMOS support. CrossConsense has a long tradition in providing support for AMOS – one of the most powerful Maintenance & Engineering software systems available in today’s aviation industry. With a background of more than 20 years of experience we aim to offer the best services to our business partners from the aviation industry.    Read more


Furthermore, we at CrossConsense have developed and are developing a lot of other important solutions for the aviation industry, such as management dashboards for material, aircraft maintenance, finance and shift planning.

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The migration of data from one system to another is a further area of business at CrossConsense. Our team has a deep knowledge of the AMOS database, its usage and engineering and logistics background and is therefore able to migrate your data within a defined timeline.

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CrossConsense’s team of highly trained and experienced experts take care of your AMOS systems. Your AMOS infrastructure will be hosted in a data center operated with one of the highest recognized EU security standards.

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CROSSMOS is an electronic technical logbook (eTL) developed with state-of-the-art methods and technologies. The CROSSMOS ELB consists of a service oriented architecture with modular and exchangeable components, exchangeable interfaces and separately updateable software modules. CROSSMOS is aiming to become THE standard electronic techlog solution.

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ILSmart by ILS Inventory Locator Service® is the first, largest, and most active business-to-business electronic marketplace serving the aviation. The ILS-specialists at CrossConsense support subscribers to locate and procure parts and repair services and help to identify alternate suppliers.

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