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Business Intelligence for the aviation industry




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CrossConsense Business Intelligence

Decisions have to be based on facts. Many business intelligence solutions are very expensive. We offer you the entry into the world of reporting using highly sophisticated Business Intelligence Software.

Our Business Intelligence services encompass:

DASHBOARDS                    BI REPORTING                    INTERFACING


We develop dashboards according to your needs. The advantages of implementing dashboards are numerous:

Drill-Down to
detailed data

Data from AMOS
and other sources

Very visual,
easy to grasp

Highly condensed

for history

Live Data Dashboard for Aviation


With Live Data Dashboards developed by CrossConsense you can show live data in an easy to grasp format. We offer big screen solutions as well as solutions adapted to your needs.

The example on the left shows a dashboard development for one of our airlines customer.


•  KPIs (Key Performance Indicator)
•  Visualize trends
•  Show current status
•  Drill down to detailed data tables
•  Download detailed reports
•  Collect historical data in small data-warehouses

BI Engine based on AMOS or other MRO system

Management Dashboards for Material

• Aircraft Maintenance
• General Material
• Store Overview
• Order Management
• Repair Cycle Performance

Management Dashboards for Aircraft Maintenance

• Base Maintenance
• Line Maintenance

Management Dashboards for Finance

• AMOS Consistency

Management Dashboards for Shift Planning

•  Personal Shift Plan

Business Intelligence / BI – REPORTING

One step up the ladder we find reporting. It is obvious that business has many reporting requirements. AMOS by now has its own Report Designer module and we advise to use it whenever this is feasible (we can also help you building Report Designer reports) but unfortunately there are some limitations. CrossConsense helps you to bypass these limitations.

BI Reporting by CrossConsense

The following reasons might force you to use other BI tools than those currently built into AMOS:

Need for accessing data from third-party systems

Need for other kinds of output formats or methods of distribution

Need for data-warehousing

Need for complex data processing

Business Intelligence / BI – INTERFACING

Interfacing between two systems in a way is the most basic service we can provide. If you need an interface between AMOS and another software, just let us have a look at it.

When doing interfacing on the AMOS side we always have the option of directly accessing the database but as long as AMOS provides an official interface which offers/consumes the data needed we obviously prefer going this way as it is more future proof.

Workflow Business Intelligence at CrossConsense

CrossConsense supports you in building middleware between AMOS and other software. We offer the following solutions:

Interact directly with the AMOS database

Format external data for AIM import

Enrich AIM data exports

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