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AMOS Support by CrossConsense

AMOS is one of the leading software for aviation maintenance management (MRO software). We at CrossConsense offer AMOS support and assist the aviation industry to use and apply this comprehensive software solution for maintenance, engineering (M&E) and logistics needs. You have one single point of contact (no separated responsibilities for hardware, database or application support) for 1st and 2nd level. Our AMOS Support provides fast resolution times incl. SWISS-AS cases (average 190 minutes).

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Decisions have to be based on facts. Many Business Intelligence solutions are very expensive. We offer you the entry into the world of reporting using high sophisticated Business Intelligence Software.

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CrossConsense Business Intelligence
Management dashboards at CrossConsense

We develop management dashboards for a wide range of applications. The advantages of such dashboards are as follows:

•  Highly condensed information
•  Very visual, easy to grasp
•  Data from AMOS and other sources
•  Drill-Down to detailed data
•  Data-Warehouse for history

One step up the ladder we find Reporting. It is obvious that every business has many reporting requirements. AMOS by now has it’s own Report Designer module and we advise to use it whenever this is feasible (we at CrossConsense can also help you to build Report Designer reports).

CrossConsense Business Intelligence - Reporting
CrossConsense Interfacing

Interfacing between two systems in a way is the most basic service we can provide. If you need an interface between AMOS and another software, just let us have a look at it and we will find a solution in close cooperation with you.