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AMOS Operations

Lean back and relax while the most experienced AMOS infrastructure operation team takes care of your AMOS systems by hosting it.


We try hard to know in advance what might happen in the future. This helps us to take the right decision in time and dramatically increases the AMOS application availability.

AMOS Operations

Customer Service

Expect nothing less than the most experienced AMOS application and infrastructure operating staff managing your AMOS environments. Our industry-leading Hosting and Application Operation services, designed around customer’s needs, comprises all work necessary to provide you a highly reliable and performing system as measured by our outstanding SLA’s.

Continuous Innovation

To provide a problem-free, high-performance, secure and cost-effective system environment, the infrastructure is provided and maintained by us for the term of your contract. Our application-driven hardware renewal policy frees you from the burden of wrong investments and guarantees cost control, risk management, and a future-proof, scalable platform for growth and innovation – hosting by CrossConsense means that you can concentrate on your core business.

Technical Excellence

Each part of your redundant AMOS production infrastructure will be hosted and operated in a separate building of the data center campus equipped with separate network access.


Your AMOS infrastructure will be hosted in a data center operated with one of the highest recognized EU security standards.


Basic Connectivity Service is provided via a VPN network connection which is encrypted as per current VPN standards and maintained at generally accepted industry standard for security throughout the term of your support contract.

AMOS Hosting and Operations


Application Performance Monitoring

The art of knowing will happen before things actually happen, which means realizing performance problems before they threaten your AMOS users. Prerequisite is a detailed monitoring on application level which tells us how much of the valuable system resources are used up by certain application functions and processes.

Hosting Monitoring Graphs
Hosting Monitoring Printer

Customer Access

We provide dedicated customer views and allow restricted access for support personnel.

AMOS Live Disk Information

We permanently monitor the changes in selected files and directories while hosting your data.

Hosting Monitoring Webdrive

Benefits of Monitoring performed by CrossConsense

Mitigate risk of downtime while improving staff productivity.

Improve compliance with infrastructure end-user SLAs.

Reduce incident counts and mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR) of incidents.

Observe trends over a period of time and understand future needs.

Provide visibility for IT and business stakeholders.

Proactive monitoring can stop problems before they start.