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CROSSMOS is an electronic technical logbook (eTL) developed with state-of-the-art methods and technologies.

CROSSMOS consists of a service oriented architecture with modular and exchangeable components, exchangeable interfaces and separately updateable software modules.

The user interface is suitable for the relevant tasks, self-descriptive, error tolerant and allows lots of individualization.

Aiming to become THE standard eTL solution.


  • Real-Time fault reporting

    Using CROSSMOS you can deliver data to your airline M&E more accurately and faster than before.

  • Speedy workflows

    With pre-populated form fields and pre-defined text-blocks you can edit the content within seconds.

  • Made for the whole fleet

    Run the same software on retro-fitted and integrated hardware.

Aircraft Fleet View

Aircraft Fleet View developed by CrossConsense is a Progressive Web App (PWA) that gives you an always up-to-date view on your airline’s fleet status.
It indicates AOGs, delays and other important information. It provides the right level of detail to be useful but not crowded with information. Individual color-schemes in accordance with the corporate identity of your airline are, of course, possible.

Aircraft Fleet View Login Screen
Aircraft Fleet View Menu
Aircraft Fleet View Aircraft Status Overview
Aircraft Fleet View Aircraft Status Detail View

The Aircraft Fleet View is meant for the management of an airline that wants to get a general overview over the status of their fleet. It can also be used by a pilot sitting in the hotel who just wants to have a look on the status of the aircraft he/she is going to fly next.

By selecting A/C Status you get to a view on which every aircraft (or a defined range of fleet) is represented by a separate card. Different colors (configurable) show immediately which A/C are ok and which are facing a problem.

Aircraft Fleet View Workorder Status Overview
Aircraft Fleet View Workorder Status filtered
Aircraft Fleet View Current Events
Aircraft Fleet View Current Events details

By selecting W/O Status you get to a view that shows all your A/C for which workorders are issued. By selecting an A/C you will get to a detailed view screen. Setting a filter (like in this case select only MEL B workorders) is also possible.

By selecting Events you get to a view that shows all your A/C which have an AOG. You can also define other events to be shown in this overview. By selecting one of the A/C you get detailed information about the event. If you are using this app on a computer with AMOS installed, embedded links will bring you to the right location in AMOS.


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Finally, ILS is laser focused on expanding its B-to-B electronic marketplace to give customers advanced business tools and services. ILS employs state-of-the-art technology to ensure rapid information distribution along with maximum security and reliability.

ILSmart store

Please contact us to get more details concerning ILSmart:

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ACSIS – Your Tool for Predictive Maintenance

ACSIS is a very powerful aircraft maintenance, troubleshooting
and engineering tool of a new kind.

ACSIS Logo large
Alerts in ACSIS

Experience a new intelligent and intuitive user interface. ACSIS redefines real time aircraft systems technical history visualization and alerting and saves you money and valuable time for your aircraft troubleshooters and engineers.

ACSIS will alert your maintenance personnel about any problem experienced by your fleet’s systems or components and help you find a solution for it before it is too late.

Our software uses a whole new philosophy and methodology coming from university research and tested for several years in a real airline environment.

Our Labs recognized the lack of engineering data analysis tools for the aviation industry that bring real time data to the airline’s maintenance management and used new methods and technologies to create a unique software – ACSIS.

ACSIS or AirCraft Systems Investigation Software is a new, very powerful and intelligent tool that will help boosting your fleet’s dispatch reliability and will save you huge amounts of money for every avoided technical delay.

Every single element of ACSIS is revolutionizing.

ACSIS Start investigation


We brought a unique visualization method into the software that shows you the dynamic progress of your aircraft systems’ failures/ events.


First tool of this kind that doesn’t use the standard alert levels per ATA , but a new method that alerts you about a specific problem your fleet or a single aircraft experiences instead.


21st century, touch optimized, Metro design in smartphone style for faster and intuitive entries and analysis.


ACSIS is intelligently designed to avoid huge integration projects in your company. It is only a matter of days to integrate it.

Here you can download the ACSIS datasheet.

ACSIS – Monitoring for Predictive Maintenance

RSCC  (Remote Systems Control Center) powered by ACSIS

The Remote Systems Control Center (RSCC) powered by ACSIS ensures that you do not miss any important alert which might cause trouble on your fleet.


Daily events classification

Alert analysis

Delay Probability

Monthly Reliability Reporting

Team member watching and operating RSCC (Remote Systems Control Center) powered by ACSIS (tool for predictive maintenance)

Daily events classification

We clean your data and tag each and every single unscheduled event with our ACSIS standardized descriptions.

Alert analysis

We analyse all ACSIS ALERTs in real time and filter them using human intelligence and provide you with them immediately after.

Delay Probability

We calculate the probability for a delay due to a certain problem on a specific aircraft to happen during/ prior next flight and inform you in advance.

Monthly Reliability Reporting

We provide you with a comprehensive, customized reliability report for your engineering and CAA.

Here you can download the RSCC datasheet.