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Webinar Recording now available

You missed the live session of our webinar? No problem, you can watch the recording of the webinar including the Q&A session whenever you have got time for it.

Simply register: https://www.aircraftit.com/webinars/digital-aviation-maintenance-data-apps-demo-webinar/?area=mro#webinar-register-form

The MRO system as a source of data is very important but usually not fully utilized. Making the data available and understandable for those who do not have access to a complex MRO system on a day-to-day basis is a challenge that CrossConsense wants to overcome. In this webinar we will have a look at MRO data and how it can be collected, interpreted and shared with key personnel via digital Apps.

The following products will be presented:

AviationDW: A managed data warehouse, tailor-made for use with any backend MRO system that simplifies KPI creation based on data generated by the MRO-system (refer to our AviationDW product page to learn more).

Aircraft Fleet View: Gives airlines an always up-to-date view on their fleet status. It indicates AOGs, delays and other important information, providing the right level of detail to be useful but not crowded with information (refer to our Aircraft Fleet View product page to learn more).

Approval App: A powerful application that organizes approvals of any kind, e.g. orders / parts approvals, document approvals, forms approvals etc.

Any questions? Please contact us: marketing@crossconsense.de