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During difficult times it is especially important to make the right decisions. The current pandemic hits aviation hard. Many of you are currently thinking about how to streamline all aspects of your operations. As your supplier of IT related services in the field of aircraft maintenance, we at CrossConsense are always there for you. You can contact us with any questions going through your head. Currently the trending question is:

‘Can we move our MRO system like AMOS to the cloud?’

What is the cloud? Many are talking about the cloud. And many do not really know, what differentiates ‘the cloud’ from normal ‘hosting’. The big differentiator is that with the cloud you can shift and scale resources. You can move your virtual server instance around between continents at will.

Why would you think of moving your MRO system there? If we ask around, the answer to this is two-fold. One aspect is the thought that it might save money. Another aspect is the idea that it will make administration effortless including difficult administration tasks like scaling and archiving.

Does the cloud deliver on these promises? There are different big cloud providers. No matter if it is Amazon, Google or Microsoft, they all have strong offerings. First off: The cloud is great. We are using cloud services to provide you, our customers, with web applications. These can benefit a lot from cloud hosting. The cloud can be fully utilized to optimize performance for all areas of the world and to scale the services dynamically, keeping the cost of hosting very low.

Sounds like there is a ‘but’? Yes. When it comes to AMOS hosting, we would typically not recommend moving to the cloud. We have experience setting up AMOS environments with cloud providers. And we have concluded that AMOS is too resource hungry to be set-up in the cloud in a cost-effective way. Remember that AMOS is a highly integrated system, basically replacing many small pieces of software by one mighty one. This has many advantages. Think of the way how everything in AMOS is always connected and related information is just a few clicks away. But it means that in the cloud you need a system with a lot of memory, a lot of storage space (with super-fast access times) and a lot of CPU power. And since AMOS is a critical system, you need all of this with proper backup, a stand-by instance and all the guarantees against data-loss you can get. We have found that for some of these parameters, cloud providers cannot match the performance of our systems, no matter the cost. And for the rest, the cost of getting the required service level in the cloud is considerably higher than for our offerings.

What is the CrossConsense way, then? We offer AMOS hosting. We are in this business for more than 20 years. We host your systems on real or virtual machines, depending on your demand. Our server center provides the highest security level and great connectivity into all parts of the world. With us, you have all the benefits of the cloud. You get a fully managed service where you do not have to care about system administration. Backup and availability are taken care of. And our solution will outperform a cloud setup while costing you less!

If you are interested in a non-binding quote for hosting your MRO system, please do not hesitate to contact me: Udo Stapf (

You are interesedt in a general overview over our hosting services? Please have a look on our website on AMOS Hosting (and MRO Hosting in general).