Bees have landed in the meadow

The bees have landed

For people like us such a meadow always looks a little bit chaotic. Especially for us Germans who love their well-structured gardens in front of the house. But bees like it wild and they like flowers with a high quality of nectar for them. The photos show a bumblebee and a bee on its landing approach on a Phazelie Anabela which we call Büschelschön in German. Since it blooms for a long time from June to October, it is ideal to alleviate the food shortages, especially in summer and early autumn.

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TÜV Recertification for CrossConsense

Successful TÜV recertification in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

CrossConsense continues to uphold its high standard. In June 2021 we were successfully recertified by the TÜV. The consistent conformity and effectiveness of our Quality Management was again confirmed in all respects.

The decision to implement the ISO 9001 Quality Management System at CrossConsense was made more than 20 years ago. The team can be proud that since the implementation the standard has always been proven on a high level.

Meeting the ISO 9001:2015 requirements and continuous improvement of the Quality Management System compliant with the standards are some of the assumptions underlying our Quality Policy. Our mission is to provide support on a high-quality level as well as products developed with innovative and safe technologies for the aviation industry. The ISO certificate not only confirms the high quality of these services but is also a token of the reliability and professionalism of our company as a dependable business partner.

Since our last recertification in 2019 our focus has been on improving our sophisticated monitoring of service tickets, thus enhancing this process to achieve highest customer satisfaction by on-time performance and quality responses.

For our customers, the current certification means that they can count on maximum reliability in combination with top quality and top performance. Opportunities and risks are to be identified and analysed in shortest time.