AeroLogic uses AviationDW

AeroLogic relies on AviationDW

Airlines, like almost every other industry, are more and more facing the problem of being flooded with data. The challenge is to make this data accessible for the ongoing improvement processes. With CrossConsense, Aerologic now found a partner who will support the cargo airline in bringing additional structure to the mass of data that can be drawn from AeroLogic’s MRO backend system AMOS. AeroLogic already uses standard off-the-shelf BI tools and has simply attached AviationDW as an additional data source. Behind the scenes, the AviationDW data transformation jobs are running to prepare raw backend MRO system data for easy access. Data is exported by AMOS and sent to AviationDW. The full control over all data export activity stays with AeroLogic.

AeroLogic signed a contract with CrossConsense not only for the data ingestion process provisioning but also for hosting of the data warehouse and support provided by CrossConsense. As AeroLogic already is an AMOS Support Customer of CrossConsense the partnership between the two companies is of mutual benefit because the cargo airline will also support CrossConsense to further develop the functionalities of AviationDW.

About AeroLogic: AeroLogic is a German cargo airline based in Schkeuditz near Leipzig. It is a joint-venture between DHL Express and Lufthansa Cargo which operates scheduled international and long-haul cargo services out of its hubs Leipzig/Halle Airport and Frankfurt Airport. The company was founded September 2007. Both of Aerologic’s shareholders are the company’s customers at the same time thus making use of the capacities of the air freighters. Aerologic started commercial operation in 2009 with a fleet of 8 Boeing 777 freighter. In the meantime AeroLogic operates a fleet of 18 777 Freighter.

ACSIS Collaborative Workspace

ACSIS – collaborative workspace tool for troubleshooters

During the next couple of months business in the aviation industry will slowly recover. But there will be long-time changes for the whole industry.
A lot of the airline troubleshooters right now are working remotely and are no longer sitting next to each other to be able to discuss problems “on the fly”. And we predict that this will continue in the future as more and more people see advantages for working remotely with regards to their work-life balance.

The question is, if it is possible for airline troubleshooters to stay at home even if the pandemic is over. We would say, Yes. If they have the right tool to do their work as reliably as if they were in the office.

ACSIS, is a software for predictive and preventive maintenance and can perfectly support troubleshooters to detect current and predict future problems of aircraft regardless of whether they are in the office or working at home.

ACSIS monitors all systems defects in real-time and analyses data from pilot and maintenance reports. All the data are processed into clear graphs so that the problem(s) can be identified at a glance. As soon as a problem is recurring, an automatic alert is sent to the responsible person and he/she can immediately start to further analyze the problem. Following this, you can avoid AOGs because you can visualize your aircraft- / fleet status in one single diagram and recognize immediately if it is a single tail sign or a fleet problem.

With the ACSIS delay probability tool you can calculate the probability for a delay due to a certain problem on a specific aircraft to happen during/prior the next flight so that maintenance teams can be prepared with tools, materials and personnel before it comes to a delay or even an AOG. It uses sophisticated algorithms which are far more accurate than standard alert levels per ATA and it provides comprehensive reports for engineering and CAA at a click of a button.

ACSIS Screenshot Alerts

The main overview on alerts (here in light mode) shows you the date, the aircraft, the ATA-chapter, the message, the delay probability and the alert status of an item so that you have a quick overview over the status of your fleet.


ACSIS Screenshot Start Investigation

The “start investigation” screen shows you the outliers in your day-to-day business which are worth to have a closer look in order to find out what kind of problem the fleet / the tail sign / the aircraft is facing.

ACSIS provides now more features like for example a full list of all scheduled and unscheduled component removals for a specific problem at the click of a button and collaborative workspace enhancements like fields where engineers and troubleshooters can exchange information.

Once the pandemic is over or at least under control, you might need to attract new employees. Be assured that you will have an advantage if you are able to offer a hybrid working model for troubleshooters in which ACSIS can play a major role.

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