CrossConsense’s Home Stories

The CrossConsense team working remotely

CrossConsense „Home Story“ – Part 17

Christian’s story is our last part of the “home-office stories” by the CrossConsense colleagues. If you followed the stories you saw that we are all trying to make the best out of this situation and you got a good impression why our boss uses to say that he has the best team on this planet. We are optimistic that things will improve during the next couples of months. The aviation industry is ramped up slowly and although our world might never as be as it has been before the pandemic there might be a few lessons that we learned.

#weareallinthistogether #staysafe #stayhealthy


Christians Home Office

CrossConsense „Home Story“ – Part 16

Home Office is a new experience, but you get used to it quite fast. It’s a new opportunity for Teamwork and I would like to thank my colleagues for working that well in the “new” way.


Srijan Home Office

CrossConsense „Home Story“ – Part 15

I was a bit sceptical in the beginning, working from home might not be as productive and efficient as compared to working at office. But, thanks to the excellent tools, management and colleagues of our company we are working and utilizing the resources very effectively.

I have a bit more time for my hobbies now. Surprisingly, I am able to keep myself organized.

As I am getting comfortable working from home, I also miss the environment of working at office.

I wish everyone to stay healthy and see you soon in person in the near future.


Sneha Home Office

CrossConsense „Home Story“ – Part 14

Working from home now seems like the new normal. It has its own negative and positive aspects. The main loss is that I miss meeting my colleagues in person and on the bright side, I now have a lot of spare time for my hobbies. ?

I am also thankful to the management team at CrossConsense for being able to manage everything so well.


Ringaile Home Office

CrossConsense „Home Story“ – Part 13

It has been almost two months since we are working from home, and I barely noticed the difference in our productivity, communication and results. I was so happy to see how smoothly we were able to transition into home office and started working without any disruptions.

I am also grateful for the opportunity to have more time to invest in my hobbies and further learning since CrossConsense allows us to take online courses and finally I have time to take them.

I definitely miss my colleagues and I am looking forward to the day we can all work together ?.


Pratik Home Office

CrossConsense „Home Story“ – Part 12

Since joining the 7th week of remotely working from home, it has sensed that I gained an expertise by owing the experience. Beginning, I assumed it would discomfort and face many challenges to function from private place. Surprisingly, everything operates very smoothly with tools and tech, the credit and appreciation goes to our Company for setting up such an advanced remote system. With a great support from each and every one of us, we have been successfully providing the services and customer expectations without any compromises. Not to forget that we all are highly energized in our internal meetings.

Working from home, made me flexible to wear comfortable attire and save my travelling time. Overall, it is more productivity professional as well as ample time for discovering my new interest in life. Nevertheless, I miss my colleague’s laughter and fun. I am excited to reunite in person soon.

Brighter side of Pandemic is, we as a team are together and will overcome soon. Stay positive, stay strong, stay healthy and stay safe for now.


Oweis Home Office

CrossConsense „Home Story“ – Part 11

Thanks to digitalization, we are able to continue working, develop and communicate as a team during this pandemic disease.

This quarantine lifestyle results in a plenty of spare time for many of us, no 2 hours per day transportation for example, giving us the opportunity to look at the bright side and do the stuff we never had time for. Don’t get bored, keep yourself busy and stay in shape!


Kerimas Office

CrossConsense „Home Story“ – Part 10

I still work in the office and not in the home office. I practically live around the corner and there are things that are not easy to do remotely, e.g. emptying the mailbox, taking care of plants in the offices.

Although I miss my colleagues on site very much, I am positively surprised about the good cooperation via video conference and e-mail. Especially the team meetings are very efficient online.


Josts Home Office

CrossConsense „Home Story“ – Part 9

After 5 weeks, the home office experience works better than expected.

The well performing technical equipment makes communication with colleagues and customers easy and the remote access to customer systems is no problem.

Since we are all asked to wear kind of masks in public to protect from further virus spreading, I’m happy to see everyone’s bare face when attending the team chats. OK, maybe almost everyone’s 🙂

My dog loves home office since there is always someone to pet her. Hope she is not too disappointed when we all go back to our offices and schools one day.


Egzon Home Office

CrossConsense „Home Story“ – Part 8

I believe we have been very fortunate that we had a great infrastructure built by the company to deal with all the challenges presented by working from home. We are constantly in touch as a team using our resources and utilising them effectively, also becoming innovative with new ways of working.

Undeniably I miss my colleagues and the day to day interaction, but we have a regular company-wide meeting which includes light-hearted jokes to keep our spirits high in a difficult time naturally we also focus heavily on keeping our customers satisfied and pleased with our support. Overall, on a personal level, my home office has given me more time at home with my young daughter and to be able to explore a new interest.


Patrick Home Office

CrossConsense „Home Story“ – Part 7

Home office, something that many have been using for years and many who envy you. Due to short-term improvisation I was also able to take a seat in my home office and, like many others, I am surprised that it works so well – in many regards.

At first it was unfamiliar, and I had a lot of questions about how things could be solved. But thanks to the tools we are provided with, it almost feels like being in the office and tasks are solved and the customer is happy. Only the lack of people is something that I miss – (even if the children are standing next to you) and I already am looking forward to seeing you all again, but also to be at the customer’s site.


Chistopher Home Office

CrossConsense „Home Story“ – Part 6

For almost four weeks now we have all been working in our home office. At the beginning it was not easy for me to be torn out of my familiar environment and now to sit at home and work from here. But this challenge has been well mastered by each of us. We wanted to prove ourselves that we, as a team, are able to motivate ourselves even in such situations to work through our workload, that we can support each other despite the spatial separation and that we can satisfy our customers.

I am proud to work together with such great colleagues and I am glad that despite the distance the daily fun is not missed out 😉

I am really looking forward to seeing you all again soon – and not via webcam…


Bjoern Home Office

CrossConsense „Home Story“ – Part 5

The last time I left home for the office was around four weeks ago. This does not mean a loss in productivity or progress, though, neither for the work – due to our excellent tools – nor the personal side of life. Now I can finally see what my vacuum robot is up to during the day and I’ve also got time for the daily morning Yoga session.
I wish all of you to stay healthy, and see you (in person ?) on the other side of this.


Home Office Alisa

CrossConsense „Home Story“ – Part 4

In the coming weeks, most of us will have to work remotely. Organizing work in a new environment and creating a working atmosphere at home only seems to be an easy task. Experts advise us to “follow the rituals” and not to be distracted by household chores to work productively from home.

A regular day in a regular office starts with a cup of tea. I try to stay in the usual routine (except for morning traffic. But not to say that I miss it too much).

I wish everyone to stay in good mood at these days and stay healthy.


Axels Home Office

CrossConsense „Home Story“ – Part 3

Besides the guy who empties our mailbox, we are pretty much all supporting our customers from the home office. No news to you, I am sure. As you can see, I have quite a comfy space here for myself. I do recommend to put a bit of effort in when it comes to your work environment, it makes a difference!

The main difference when working from home, however, is having a completely different set of co-workers around. In my case there even is one complete freak who wants me to put a leash on him several times per day and walk him around in public. And then there are two really tiny ones who always come by at any time and seek bodily contact. Also this motherly character, overly concerned with my well-being. Totally unprofessional.

So for me, the main lesson of being in the home office is that it does not just give you some flexibility, it also forces you to use it. If you stay hidden in your secret office den for hours at a time, chaos will ensue. It is way more efficient to take a tour after each completed task. Give a pep talk here or there, ruffle some hair, hand out free snacks. Then back to work. Oh, wait, that’s actually similar to the real office, isn’t it?

Now, on top of home office, many of us are also faced with shorter working times (or no work, at all). And no matter if you are affected by the problems outlined above or if you are one of those who live alone and need to fight boredom, let me tell you one thing I believe in: This currently hits pretty hard. A recession may follow. But the world will bounce back from it. Since this is hitting pretty much everyone, and the world is so connected that nations cannot ignore each other, we will all make it back, together. After all, the “real” resources like food and shelter are not scarce. So since this is temporary, use your time wisely and level-up! There are tons of free learning resources available on so many topics. Pick one or two and dig in! This will help you to stay sane and make you be the best you you can be once this is over!

Take care, stay in touch and see you on the other side of Corona!


Udos Home Office

CrossConsense „Home Story“ – Part 2

This actually looks like a 1:1 copy of my „real “office! Well, it is my “real” office as I am one of the few who are not working from home yet. I am very positively surprised how good the communication within the team and with our customers works although we are slightly restricted with our phone system.

It is a weird and challenging situation here and for everybody else on this planet and it needs a lot of flexibility and good crisis management as the situation changes very quickly and management decisions must be taken or changed almost daily.

But an exceptional situation like the current one is also a chance to prove loyalty and solidarity between customers and suppliers.

Staying together in good and in bad times will get us over those crises like in a good marriage.

Please take care of yourself, your colleagues and your beloved ones and stay healthy!


Juttas Home Office

CrossConsense “Home-Story” – Part 1

More than a week ago, when we all from CrossConsense were sent to our “new” home-offices, I had the idea that we should share our thought about working in a home-office. What’s new, what’s better, what’s worse. The good thing is, that at least at my home, it is very quiet. No phone rings (all our internal communication works with Microsoft Teams), no colleagues disturb you directly then, when you had a good idea. But that is also the bad thing. No little chat in the kitchen about something else than work, no lunch breaks together with colleagues.

A lot of you might have read the companions also here on LinkedIn. “How to handle home-office” (to be honest, I hate companions): Get up early (well, I almost get up as early as usual), dress as you would go to the office. Why should I do that? I love to wear my sweatpants at home, and nobody cares.

I would also like to give you an advice: “Stay at home and stay healthy.”