Aircraft Fleet View at Norse

Norse is live with Aircraft Fleet View

CrossConsense is thrilled to announce the signing of a strategic contract with Norse Atlantic Airways (Norse). This partnership marks a significant milestone for both companies. For Norse as it solidifies its commitment to operational excellence and efficiency. And CrossConsense is proud to announce the acquisition of another client who relies on the expertise of its developers. Leveraging the feedback and collaboration with existing clients, CrossConsense has developed Aircraft Fleet View into a versatile, intuitive, and easily understandable solution that is ready for additional modules based on market demand.

As part of the collaboration, Norse will be implementing CrossConsense’s cutting-edge Aircraft Fleet View solution, a powerful tool designed to optimize fleet management and enhance overall operational performance. This state-of-the-art system will provide Norse Atlantic Airways with real-time insights into their aircraft fleet, enabling them to make data-driven decisions and streamline their operations.

Axel Christ, Managing Director of CrossConsense, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “We are delighted to join forces with Norse who has been our AMOS Support customer for quite a while to elevate their fleet management capabilities. Aircraft Fleet View is an easy-to-use and robust solution that will empower Norse Atlantic Airways with unparalleled visibility into their operations, ultimately contributing to enhanced efficiency and cost-effectiveness.”

Ahmad Abu Nima, Vice President of Technical Operations at Norse, states, “The AFV App will give our team the ability to have full visibility of our fleet status and fleet issues any time, live and simultaneously. This have made our work more efficient and reduced the amount and time of communication to inform and activate the different stakeholders in the business.”

Aircraft Fleet View from CrossConsense offers real-time tracking and gives users the possibility to get a quick insight into the state of their fleet, a range of aircraft or a single aircraft without logging in to a mighty MRO system. Aircraft Fleet View will allow Norse to proactively address maintenance issues, optimize flight planning, and improve overall fleet performance.

This collaboration is a testament to Norse’s dedication to staying at the forefront of technological advancements in the aviation industry. The partnership with CrossConsense is expected to drive increased efficiency and reduce operational costs.

About Norse
Norse Atlantic Airways, founded by CEO and major shareholder Bjørn Tore Larsen in March 2021, is an airline specializing in low-cost, long-haul, direct flights to a range of exciting destinations on the intercontinental market, offering passengers more opportunities and flexibility to explore the world.

Headquartered in Arendal, Norway, Norse Atlantic ASA, a publicly traded company listed on the Euronext Expand Exchange in Oslo, Norway, is the parent company of Norse Atlantic Airways AS and Norse Atlantic UK LTD.

Norse Atlantic Airways AS holds two Air Operator’s Certificates (AOCs), one in Norway and one in the UK.

Norse fleet includes 15 modern, fuel-efficient, and more environmentally friendly Boeing 787 Dreamliners that serve destinations including New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Orlando, Washington, Boston, Barbados, Montego Bay, Bangkok, Oslo, London, Berlin, Rome and Paris. The company’s first flight took off from Oslo to New York on 14th June 2022.

Condor Case Study on Aircraft Fleet View

In the latest issue of Aircraft IT Operations (Winter 2023), Patrick Frey, Head of Boeing Fleet at Condor, gives a detailed insight into how the implementation of CrossConsense’s Aircraft Fleet View went at Condor and what benefits Condor has gained from using the app. We would like to thank Patrick and the entire Condor Flugdienst GmbH team for the trust they have placed in us.

If you are interested in the Case Study, feel free to download it here.

Warm Wishes and Holiday Happiness from Our Team to You

Dear Valued Customers, Friends & Partners,

As the year comes to a close, we wanted to take a moment to express our heartfelt gratitude for your collaboration and partnership. It’s been a fantastic journey working with you, and we’re genuinely excited about what the future holds. This Christmas, we wish you and your team joy, laughter, and a well-deserved break.

May the New Year bring new opportunities, smooth flights, and continued success. We’re looking forward to another year of working together, overcoming challenges, and reaching new heights.

Our Christmas donation this year goes to the Cargo Human Care e.V. that is a humanitarian and medical aid project launched by Lufthansa Cargo employees in cooperation with doctors from all over Germany. The core of the commitment is to give direct medical assistance to needy and sick people as well as to give destitute and underserved orphans a home and a future. If you want to know more about this organization, follow this link:
Here’s to a festive season filled with warmth and cheer! Safe travels and a Happy New Year to you and your loved ones.

Kind Regards
FLYHT/CrossConsense Team

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Luxair Data Migration by CrossConsense

CrossConsense Successfully Executes Data Migration Project for Luxair’s New B737MAX Aircraft Integration

CrossConsense proudly announces the completion of yet another successful data migration project. This endeavour involved the integration of the aircraft type B737MAX into Luxair’s Aircraft Operations Control (AOC) system, a critical step in enhancing operational efficiency and ensuring a seamless transition for the Luxair fleet.

Luxair, the national airline of Luxembourg, embarked on a strategic initiative to incorporate the B737MAX aircraft into their fleet. Given the significance of this endeavour and the expected usage of the B737MAX for the next 15-20 years, Luxair’s management recognized the need to establish a sound foundation in their AMOS system. The airline engaged the expertise of CrossConsense’s data migration specialists to accomplish this crucial task.

The primary aim of the project was to seamlessly integrate the new B737MAX aircraft type, hitherto not part of Luxair’s AOC, into the existing Luxair AMOS system. This integration also encompassed the meticulous migration of aircraft-related data for two B737MAX aircraft into Luxair’s AMOS.

“We are thrilled to have played a pivotal role in Luxair’s strategic initiative to integrate the B737MAX aircraft into their operations,” said Axel Christ, Managing Director of CrossConsense. “Our team of dedicated data migration specialists worked tirelessly to ensure a smooth transition, enabling Luxair to leverage the full potential of the new aircraft type within their AMOS environment.”

CrossConsense’s extensive experience in aviation technology solutions, coupled with their proficiency in data migration, proved instrumental in the success of this project. The seamless integration of the B737MAX aircraft into Luxair’s AOC system sets the stage for enhanced operational capabilities and streamlined maintenance processes.

Christoph Blaha, VP Technical Services:

“With CrossConsense’s expertise and tools, we could handle the 737MAX plane’s complex data migration process efficiently. This collaboration has helped us to reduce the time required to set up this new fleet in AMOS and phase-in two aircraft in only a few months. The collaboration with CrossConsense enabled us to take benefit of all AMOS functionality in record time.”

With this latest achievement, CrossConsense continues to solidify its reputation as a premier provider of aviation technology solutions. The company’s dedication to excellence and its unwavering commitment to delivering tangible results position them as a preferred partner for airlines seeking to navigate the complexities of technology integration and data migration.

About Luxair:

Founded in 1961, Luxair is a key player in the economy of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and the surrounding Greater Region. Passenger air transport is probably the most well-known activity of the general public. Luxair offers fast air service to most major cities, business centers and international hubs in Europe. The airline offers maximum flexibility to its business customers and quality travel to its leisure customers. Luxair’s tour operator offers a wide range of packages and themed holidays through its tourism division. Luxair is also the provider of airport services at Luxembourg Airport and its air cargo division handles all kinds of goods with ease and efficiency.

Data Migration Hosting Support for Sabena Engineering

Sabena Engineering selects CrossConsense for AMOS Data Migration, Support & AMOS Hosting

Sabena Engineering has selected CrossConsense as main supplier to provide AMOS Support, AMOS Hosting and the migration of existing data into a new system. The aim of this new collaboration is to migrate the existing AMOS environment from Lufthansa Technik Maintenance International (LTMI) which Sabena acquired in December 2021, to a newly hosted environment.

Axel Christ, Managing Director of CrossConsense: “I am proud of our team at CrossConsense. Our consultants perform data migration projects including database splits or mergers. Our AMOS supporters help our customer’s users if they get stuck. And our data engineers take care of all kinds of interfacing or reporting tasks. The whole team has years of aviation experience. Throughout the pandemic, we kept our team stable, and our customers well cared for. This demonstrates the value of a dedicated, professional AMOS support service. In the same way that we are recognized AMOS experts, Sabena is an experienced and well-renowned MRO provider. We are very proud of adding them to the diverse list of our customers.”

Nicolas Bertrand, AMOS Project Manager of Sabena Engineering: “We selected CrossConsense because they were the only partner capable to cope with the scope of our demand, combining a wide range of services and expertise to support the initial migration, the setup of our new system and the associated hosting services. Thanks to the CrossConsense consultants and support team, we are on the way to make our AMOS instance the core system of our MRO organization.”

About Sabena Engineering:
Sabena Engineering, with its headquarter located in Brussels Belgium, is an international MRO provider offering sustainable maintenance and engineering solutions to the Commercial Aviation and Government/Defense markets. Sabena Engineering’s activities include Line & Base Maintenance; Aerostructure & Components Repair; CAMO & Engineering, Design & Manufacturing; Engine Services and a Maintenance Control Centre offering 24/7 support worldwide.
Sabena Engineering draws on nearly 100 years of experience and the expertise of more than 900 employees operating in 15 countries in Europe, the Middle East and Africa to serve airlines, governments and air forces worldwide.
Sabena Engineering is part of the Orizio Group, a unique industrial ecosystem focused on the sustainable development of the aerospace industry that brings together agile, forward-looking and high-tech companies.

About CrossConsense:
Founded in 2002, Frankfurt Germany-based CrossConsense offers its customers in the commercial aviation industry, highly skilled services, designed to buttress their productivity and uptime performance, based on sound knowledge in the areas of maintenance, engineering and logistical support. CrossConsense maintains a staff of 20 dedicated, experienced, and motivated team workers. CrossConsense’s portfolio stretches from AMOS Support, BI-Management, Data Migration and Hosting to the products Aircraft Fleet View, ACSIS (tool for predictive maintenance), AviationDW (tool that supports airlines to get an overview over all KPIs the airline is interested in) and the Approval App. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Canadian’s FLYHT Aerospace Solutions Ltd., CrossConsense also offers solutions for Fuel Management, Turn Process Management and other software applications as well as AFIRS hardware that collects data during flight. CrossConsense is dedicated to helping airlines to achieve their goals through the application of innovative technology solutions. FLYHT is headquartered in Calgary, and is an AS9100 Quality registered company and CrossConsense is ISO9001 certified.

CrossConsense performs Data Migration for flynas

CrossConsense Successfully Performed Data Migration for flynas

CrossConsense, the Germany-based leading provider of aviation technology solutions, has successfully fulfilled its mandate by flynas, the Saudi air carrier and the leading low-cost airline in the Middle East, to migrate data from the legacy MRO system to AMOS.

Our data migration consultants completed a successful, smooth installation and integration of AMOS with solid support from flynas management, enhancing flynas’ efficiency and performance after their record-breaking results in 2022. This achievement is a crucial step towards flynas’ goal of becoming a fully digitized airline, and a significant milestone in their digital transformation strategy.

AMOS is a comprehensive, fully-integrated MRO System that maintains aircraft’s maintenance and engineering activities. In addition to the procurement, logistics, and finance.

The data migration process included various data sources. Such as; legacy MRO system, PDF files, Excel files, and other sources. The teams of flynas and CrossConsense worked closely together to ensure a smooth process, the sources added.

The sources pointed out that the success factors of the project include support from management, clear target definitions, and a qualified project team.
flynas is looking forward to the many benefits this new MRO system will bring. By partnering with CrossConsense, flynas has leveraged its experience and expertise in software solutions, ensuring the project was a success.

About flynas:
flynas, the Saudi air carrier and the leading low-cost airline in the Middle East with 48 aircraft, operating more than 1500 weekly flights to 70 domestic and international destinations.
Since its launch in 2007, flynas has transported more than 60 million passengers. Recently in 2022, flynas has been awarded the Skytrax Award as the Best Low-Cost Airline in the Middle East for the fifth time in a row 2017, 2018, 2019, 2021. In addition, it was ranked among the top 10 Low-Cost Airline worldwide, as per the prestigious Skytrax which is the most important global forum for the aviation industry. flynas has earned several accolades, including the Middle East’s Leading Low-Cost Airline award from the World Travel Awards for eight consecutive years (from 2015 till 2022) as well as it was ranked in the 4-star low-cost carrier category, the highest category of the low-cost airline in the world by APEX rating.

Condor live with Aircraft Fleet View

Condor goes live with LBA approved Aircraft Fleet View

Condor Flugdienst GmbH went live with Aircraft Fleet View 2.0 – a Native App that gives the user an always up-to-date view on the airline’s fleet status. It indicates AOGs, delays and other important information. It provides the right level of detail to be useful but not crowded with information. A new feature is the CAMO Release to Service. This enables a guided workflow involving the commander and the CAMO for releasing the aircraft prior to each flight. Recently, the LBA (German Federal Aviation Authority) granted Condor approval to use the CAMO Release Tool.

At Condor, Aircraft Fleet View will be used by pilots as well as by the management. It is meant for everyone who wants to get a general overview over the status of the fleet. Users who do not have the time or the knowledge to dive deeply into the MRO backend system will be presented with the most important information regarding a single aircraft, a range of aircraft or the whole fleet.

Aircraft Fleet View sends push notifications, e.g. when CAMO in its browser based application gives the “Release to Service” or if an AOG happened.

Patrick Frey, Fleet Chief Boeing at Condor Flugdienst GmbH says:

The Aircraft Fleet View has been developed with focus on the needs of a dynamic airline operation. It enables Condor to remove old fashioned, static PDF Technical Status Reports from the briefing package and replace it with an interactive live view of the aircraft technical status.

Our pilots are able to access fleet wide data to familiarize themselves with the current technical status of their assigned aircraft. This enables better decision making, both safety and economy wise, even before arriving at the aircraft. The Aircraft Fleet View CAMO Release function enables a direct communication between Maintrol personnel and the flight crew. This ensures that all required maintenance documentation is available and checked prior releasing an aircraft for operation. Receiving post-flight information by the pilots, via the application, enables Condor to better coordinate maintenance services and prioritize maintenance service to aircraft with technical defects.

About Condor Flugdienst:

As Germany’s most popular leisure airline, Condor has been taking its guests to the world’s most beautiful holiday destinations for more than 66 years. Every year, more than nine million guests fly with Condor from the nine largest airports in Germany, from Zurich in Switzerland and Vienna in Austria to around 90 destinations in Europe, Africa and America. Condor operates a fleet of over 50 aircraft, which are maintained by the company’s own maintenance operation, Condor Technik GmbH, according to the highest safety standards at the Frankfurt and Dusseldorf locations. As the German launch customer, Condor will be flying 16 A330neo long-haul aircraft. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology and maximum efficiency, the latest-generation 2-liter aircraft is the European front-runner with 2.1 liters per passenger per 100 kilometers and maximum customer comfort. Moreover, Condor will receive 41 brand-new short- and medium-haul aircraft of the A32Xneo family from 2024.

CrossConsense/FLYHT team on Aerospace Tech Week

CrossConsense/FLYHT Team on Aerospace Tech Week

Our colleagues Fernando, Murray, Jacob and Mirko are on Aerospace Tech Week Europe which takes place in Munich on March 29-30th.

Learn about how connectivity can help airlines solver non-CO2 environmental impacts and much more. FLYHT’s industry first 5G WQAR/AID can help meet all of your connectivity needs. Come ask us how.

During the conference, Murray Skelton is invited to speak about Aviation Infrastructure and the growing use of wireless technologies on board aircraft, for sensors, data exchange and other applications. How is the infrastructure of aviation needing to change to meet the future demands and expectations?

And if you want to talk about AMOS Support, Aircraft Fleet View, AviationDW and/or ACSIS, get in touch with Mirko Lang who is available for you at FLYHT Booth 400.

Webinar on Aviation Cyber Security

Webinar on Aviation Cyber Security

We would like to invite you to our webinar on November 10th, 2022, in cooperation with Aircraft IT. The webinar with the title Aviation Cyber Security – How to Manage Risk, plus Secure Digitalization with Real-Time Aircraft Data and Apps highlights the importance of Cyber Security and how to mitigate risks as the industry moves towards a digital future. Follow this link to register: Webinar on Cyber Security

Patrick Zita Vendor Job Card

Vendor Job Card Patrick Zita in Aircraft IT Magazine

In the autumn 2022 edition of the Aircraft IT MRO magazine, you can learn about Patrick Zita’s motivation for working in our Service Department. He also tells you what he hopes our customers say about CrossConsense.

Download the article