Certificate Innovative through research

CrossConsense receives certificate “Innovative through research”

The German Stifterverband honors the activities of CrossConsense GmbH and Co. KG in the area of research and development with the certificate “Innovative through research“.

Since 2014, the Stifterverband has honored researching companies for their special responsibility that they assume for the state and society. Only a very small proportion of the 3.5 million companies in Germany do research – an extremely important group. For 2020/2021 CrossConsense GmbH & Co. KG also belongs to this group of excellent companies. Because only those who research can discover new things and create innovation and growth. With a great team of innovative developers, CrossConsense is doing research and development in the area of modern, easy-to-use apps and products for aviation and other industries.

The Stifterverband was founded in 1920 and now is one of the largest private sponsors of science in Germany. It is the joint initiative of companies and foundations that provides holistic advice, networking and funding in the areas of education, science and innovation.

If you are interested in detailed information about the Stifterverband, please visit their website.