4 members of the team of CrossConsense and Marcus di Laurenzio from SWISS on the Flight Operations Conference 2015

Successful Conference in Rome

On December 1st and 2nd, 4 delegates of CrossConsense attended the 9th ANNUAL Flight Operations Conference 2015 in Rome organised by the publishers of the Aircraft Commerce magazine.

Marcus Di Laurenzio, the project manager from our launching customer SWISS International Air Lines and Udo Stapf (CEO of CrossConsense) gave a presentation with the title: “The SWISS eTL project – SWISS goes CROSSMOS”. In front of an audience of more than 200 delegates from companies all over the world Marcus and Udo pointed out how the project of implementing the electronic technical logbook CROSSMOS was planned in close collaboration with different stakeholders including other airline companies and the authorities.

Marcus Di Laurenzio, being the project manager of the SWISS Electronic Log Book project, commended the partnership with CrossConsense. Working together for many years on questions around AMOS has led to a relationship of mutual reliability. Udo Stapf pointed out that it is important for him and his company to develop a new product like CROSSMOS not for the customers but together with their customers.

The photo shows the delegates at CrossConsense’s conference booth. From left to right: Marcus Di Laurenzio (Swiss International Air Lines), Axel Christ (CrossConsense), Conchin Brau-Stapf (CrossConsense), Udo Stapf (CrossConsense), Jutta Gruneberg-Heinrich (CrossConsense).

If you are interested in the presentation, please do not hesitate to contact us.