ACSIS Webinar Recording

Webinar on ACSIS – Tool for Predictive Maintenance

The Webinar on ACSIS is great opportunity to see a full overview and demo of an industry leading Aviation Predictive Maintenance Solution. Our CrossConsense experts will walk you through a live demo of ACSIS to show how it can assist any airline, aircraft operator, MRO facility and OEM to avoid AOGs, delays and turnbacks, improve aircraft utilization, and enhance safety. You will see how ACSIS integrates with any MRO / M&E Software solution to deliver better insights into aircraft health and potential future problems which can then be dealt with during scheduled maintenance.

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The Webinar will begin with a full overview of ACSIS functionality, including a look at the innovative technology and algorithms behind the software, before showing a live demo of the solution.  You will see how ACSIS continuously monitors all systems and components, and compares data from pilots and maintenance reports to clearly show what problems exist, on which aircraft and where; also how the software alerts respective engineers to these faults before they become major problems.

The live software demos will show the following tools and functionality:

  • Avoid AOGs: See how filtered data intelligently monitors and helps to identify problems with aircraft systems before they can cause expensive delays and AOGs. Engineers receive immediate alert messages identifying potential problems and can recognize if it is a single aircraft or a fleet problem. Visual live fleet health status is available in one single diagram.
  • Real Time Monitoring: Numerous, easy to use, technical fleet and aircraft history diagrams provide a perfect troubleshooting overview. You will see how ACSIS monitors all system defects, and analyses data from pilot and maintenance reports to clearly show actual and potential problems.
  • Delay Probability Tool: You will see how ACSIS calculates the probability for a specific delay on a specific aircraft so that maintenance teams can be prepared with tools, material and personnel before a delay.
  • Enhance Safety: You will see how ACSIS uses sophisticated algorithms which are far more accurate than standard alert levels per ATA. Comprehensive reports for engineering and CAA are available at a click of a button.

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