AMOS Support by CrossConsense

AMOS Support by CrossConsense

AMOS by Swiss AviationSoftware is one of the most comprehensive MRO solutions on the market today and the software solution of choice for more than 200 aviation customers worldwide. These customers are working in general aviation, commercial aviation, or are pure MRO providers. Some are single entities, some are airline groups. AMOS use of all of them has a lot in common, but each of these are also facing their own, specific challenges.

Every IT product of a certain complexity comes with a learning curve. For many airlines and MRO providers, this became apparent when the pandemic hit. A lot of IT centric talent moved away, found jobs in other domains. Getting fresh talent in to fill the gaps is difficult due to the required specialist knowledge.

To us, AMOS support is one of our bread-and-butter tasks. Our support team stayed unchanged during the pandemic and was even able to use the time of lower workload to level-up. We did not lose talent, we got better! To be a good AMOS supporter, you need approximately 3 years of experience. Our supporters have between 5 and 20! This gives support customers the comfort of knowing that their workforce can depend on our experience and knowledge when ramping-up production. Did some rookie perform a booking with wrong data? We know how to get things back on track. A bunch of intermediate users do not know if a certain system behavior is a bug or a feature? We know, and we can handle the communication with the software vendor. Are some experienced users unsure if the old ways of working are still state-of-the-art? We can discuss it with you. Through all this, our service team builds a collective knowledge of best practices. Being exposed to different airlines/MROs with different processes and procedures, gives us an edge over any internal resource.

All this needs to be properly tracked and must be transparent to you as a customer. To this effect, we introduced our quality management in 2009. Our ISO9001 certification provides clear processes when working through issues. All customer requests are managed in an issue tracking system. Our service quality is discussed in monthly service review meetings. We are tracking customer satisfaction and we have every reason to be proud of the results.

For the price of a single IT worker, our service department offers you a hotline/email address that is reachable 24/7, come holiday or sickness. And behind this number is the combined experience of our whole team, seamlessly communicating to solve your challenges.

And if you add additional services from CrossConsense, e.g. hosting, release change management, or business intelligence, then you get all the support you need by calling the same number. Decide for CrossConsense and our long-term experience instead of another 3rd party IT support company and you will never experience long call-routing sessions or finger pointing. You will never be pushed from one service company to the next. You simply get in touch with us via a single point of contact and receive the help you need.

If you are a new AMOS customer or your AMOS Competence Center is facing challenges, get the help you deserve! And if you are not using AMOS, yet, look at it. It is worth it! Guess who could help you with your migration project? Decide for AMOS Support by CrossConsense.