Gerrit Jassnowski (Lufthansa CityLine) and Udo Stapf presenting at the Flight Operations Conference

Lufthansa CityLine presenting CROSSMOS at Flight Ops Conference in London

On the 11th Flight Operations Conference which took place in London beginning of this week Gerrit Jassnowski, Project Manager Paperless Maintenance, Lufthansa CityLine, presented a case study on how the Go-Live of CROSSMOS electronic logbook has been prepared. In front of an audience of more than 100 delegates of airlines from all over the world, Gerrit pointed out the expectations of cost savings because of implementing an ELB. He was supported by Udo Stapf, CEO of CrossConsense, who explained that CROSSMOS has been developed in close cooperation with several avionics specialists. If you are interested in the presentation, please contact


The CrossConsense conference team

Axel presenting CROSSMOS ELB

The CrossConsense conference team together with Gerrit Jassnowski (Lufthansa CityLine).

Axel is explaining the pilot module of CROSSMOS.

Visitor from different airlines gaining knowledge around CROSSMOS technical logbook

CrossConsense's exhibition booth presenting CROSSMOS and ACSIS

Crowded house.

The empty stand at the beginning of the conference.